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Weight Management

Life is about balance and food is no exception. Long term weight loss takes long terms changes. I believe in healthy living, not dieting. I believe having a positive relationship with food is vital to being successful in your weight loss goals. I’m here to guide you to an eating plan that’s right for you. A plan that will allow you to achieve your goal without feeling deprived or feel the need to take out a whole food group. Learning how to eat is key to finding long term success and confidence. I believe it does matter what foods we eat and clean wholesome nutrients are important for our health and happiness. 


Blood Sugar Control

Helping people learn how to better control their blood sugar is a passion of mine. Your blood sugar affects everything in your body and is directly affected by nutrition. I want to help you be in control of your blood sugar instead of it control you. My mission is to teach you ways to reach glycemic control through individualized nutrition goals and meal plans that encourage stable blood sugars throughout the day instead of the up and down swings that can often accompany our high simple carbohydrate diets. If you struggle with what to eat and how to eat, I can give you the tools needed for achieving a healthy life while navigating better blood sugars. If you are diabetic, prediabetic, have PCOS, or have had insulin resistance, stable blood sugars are key to being in control of your weight and health. 


Women, Child, and Infant Nutrition

I work with parents and children on how to deal with various eating issues among many children today including picky eaters, food sensitivities, and other struggles with mealtimes. I have experience in dealing with children who are considered overweight and underweight and can teach parents the tools they need to create a new foundation for their child’s eating habits. I also have experience with breastfeeding education. I was a licensed International Board Certified Lactation consultant from 2012 to 2017. I‘m here to support and encourage mothers on their breastfeeding journey with providing basic information along with infant nutrition. I also want to help mothers meet their health goals. After having children it can be so hard to stay on track with all that is on your plate. I'm here to provide simple ways to do that, while having limited time and energy as busy mothers. 

About Me


Krista Brewster MS, RDN, LD

Krista Brewster MS, RDN, LD

Krista Brewster MS, RDN, LD

  I‘ve been a dietitian since 2005 after graduating with a Masters in Nutritional Sciences from The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. After graduation I worked as a clinical dietitian with Norman Regional Hospital before I started working in the public health field with the Oklahoma State Department of Health as a dietitian for four county health departments. I worked primarily with the federal WIC program focusing on women, infant, and child nutrition conducting individual high risk appointments, nutrition classes, and breastfeeding classes. In 2012, I moved to Texas and worked with the Kelsey-Seybold clinic as a clinical dietitian at the Woodlands, Vintage, and Spring location. 


Krista Brewster MS, RDN, LD

Krista Brewster MS, RDN, LD


Krista Brewster MS, RDN, LD


My Philosophy

I believe our relationship with food begins at birth. How we see food can be shaped by many things in life. Starting off with a positive relationship is important in developing lifelong eating habits to ensure health and happiness. I’m here to guide clients from pregnancy to birth to childhood through adulthood in achieving their nutrition goals and finding that positive relationship no matter where they are in life. I believe in making small changes and providing support and confidence throughout a client’s journey. 


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